Florida State University Film School Films:

Dinner (2003) drama; Graduate film by Yimeng Jin
Happy Holidays (2003) comedy; Undergraduate film by Lauren Anne Miller IMDB
Perceptions (2003) drama; Undergraduate film by Joi McMillon

Senescene (2002) fantasy/drama; Graduate film by Dustin Cawood
Wendy & Me (2002) dark comedy; Thesis film by Morgan Bornstein
On Top of the World (2002 Graduate film) drama by Gerald Jackson Jr.
The Rickenbaugh Briggs Show (2002 Graduate film) drama by Dennis Hauck
The Return (2002) sci-fi/suspense; Thesis film by Tony West IMDB
Bliss (2002) suspense/drama; Thesis film by Nikki West
Sonando (2002) drama/music video; Thesis by Adrienne MacKillop & Nicole Brown
Easy Like a... Dream (2002) romantic comedy; Undergraduate film by Nikki West

Racing Hart (2001) drama; Graduate film by William Lu